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Kids’ HOPE Center Receives Coquille Tribal Grant

COOS BAY, Ore. – Kids’ HOPE Center will be able to help provide some of the basic needs facing children and their families when they walk through our doors, thanks to a $2,000 grant from the Coquille Tribal Community Fund.

The provision of “basic needs” is essential to helping a victim move towards addressing both their psychological and self-fulfillment needs areas; needs that must be addressed in order for a child victim to move past their abuse.

“This is about making sure we have the means in place to keep not only verbalizing, but also demonstrating through small gestures that we care, want to help, and are a safe place for kids and families who are hurting,” Program Director JoAnne Shorb said. “A cup of coffee doesn’t make bad feelings go away, but it provides an opportunity for conversation where maybe there wasn’t going to be one before. If it was my child, and my family, it may make me more receptive to the people working with me, and I’d feel just a little more comfortable about my child being safe with the new people I just met.”

Founded in 2001 by the Coquille Indian Tribe, the Tribal Community Fund has distributed more than $5.5 million to support projects in the areas of education, health, public safety, arts and culture, problem gaming treatment and historic preservation, in a five-county region of Southwestern Oregon. This year the Fund awarded grants totaling $400,000.

For organizations wishing to be considered for the next round of funding, the deadline for applications is Nov. 30, 2016. For more information,visit

About the Kids’ HOPE Center: The Kids’ HOPE Center program supports families and child abuse victims through the provision of an all-inclusive Center where forensic child interview and medical examinations take place, and guardians and victims are offered support navigating through the challenging legal prosecution system. Intervention and advocacy services are provided to families through referrals and follow-ups with partnering community agencies, initiated by HOPE Center staff.

About the Coquille Tribal Community Fund: The fund reflects the commitment of the Coquille Indian Tribe to take a proactive, positive role in the community’s wellbeing. Supported by a percentage of revenue from The Mill Casino, the fund is managed and distributed by a board of community leaders and Tribal representatives.

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JoAnne Shorb, Program Director, Kids’ Hope Center – (541) 266-8806,