“If she said she was going to do something, she followed through and did it, and people could take that to the bank.” — State Sen. Arnie Roblan

“When I became mayor I found that I would call Joanne for advice on all kinds of things. I know I wasn’t the only one that did that.” — Jeff McKeown, former Coos Bay mayor

“My mother worked on hundreds of projects and policies in her political career—but it’s the people and the lives she impacted positively I hear about every day. People still stop me on the street to tell me stories of how my mom’s work made their lives better.” — Kathy Verger Muscus

“She has been a tireless advocate for children, particularly her work to ensure they have access to health care. And she has shown great leadership to promote coastal and rural economies. I’ve always appreciated working with her and thank her for her commitment to the people of Coos County and the State of Oregon.” – Gov. John Kitzhaber

“Sen. Verger was always able to cut to the real issue that was involved, explain it to us, and move us in the right direction. I will ever be thankful to her for the multiple times I would sit with her and discuss her opinion. After talking and listening to her and gathering her wisdom it, was much easier to make those very difficult decisions.” – State Sen. Alan Bates