Healthcare is a stressful place to work. It is normal to have an emotional response to what you experience here. Needing support is also normal. Thanks for being brave and taking this step to care for yourself. The form below asks you questions only for the purpose of figuring out how we can reach you to supply support. A rotating team of six Peer Support Team Leaders who are ICISF certified will handle your request confidentially. Please know that they will be the only ones that see this submission.

If this is an Emergency and you need support right now, please call a 24 hr. resource. The following are all free to you:

  • Canopy is our Employee Assistance Program. They also have resources you can call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call 800-433-2320 or text 503-850-7721
  • The Coos Health & Wellness Crisis hotline is 888-543-5763 or you can text OREGON 741741
  • Suicide Risk Please dial 988 this is a 24 hr. Suicide Hotline
  • The Safe Project is a 24 hr. hotline for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 541-756-7000

Descriptions for each type of support are outlined below the submission form.  

If you are concerned about a co-worker then do your best to fill out all you can. You do not have to identify yourself in the submission.

Request Support

Name of Person Needing Support
Name of Person Needing Support



Is this request for yourself

Priority Level

Peer Support– We have team members throughout our organization that have been trained and certified to support you with a confidential listening ear and the knowledge of what it is like to do this difficult work because they too serve our community. Sometimes we need someone who understands the stress of this work to be present with us and normalize the experience we are having at work and within our families as healthcare professionals.  Allow our team to support you by reaching out for Peer Support.

Spiritual Care– Spirituality is everything that gives life meaning. Your spirituality is uniquely yours and it is normal over the course of one’s life to ask questions, to change in our beliefs and for that to impact our community. It can be scary to say our worldview is changing so we have Chaplains on our team that can sit with you if you are in the middle of questioning. Our role is to help you clarify what makes you feel like you and how you want to embrace this one and only life you have to live.

Therapy Dog– Levels of the stress hormone cortisol drop in people after just 5-20 minutes interacting with dogs, even if it is not your pet! Oxytocin also increases in these brief exchanges. BeBe is a certified Therapy dog that loves to support our team. We will make the arrangement for her visit when you notify us where she is needed.

Code Lavender Cart– Moments of being overwhelmed on the floor is a certainty in healthcare. Our team wants to normalize your need to take a moment and regroup. This need does not make you weak or less than it makes you human. The Code Lavender cart is full of resources to help you feel like you again: Aromatherapy, chocolate, mindfulness tools, inspirational reading, tea, and coloring all offer a variety of ways to care for yourself for a few minutes so that you can return to caring for others.