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For 50 years, Bay Area Hospital has been the epicenter of healthcare and is now the largest employer on Oregon’s Southern Coast. Our history is built on perseverance as we have consistently grown and evolved in response to our community’s needs. We’re committed to continuing that legacy for another five decades. We’re here for good.

To do so, we have engaged national industry experts to help explore and evaluate opportunities to ensure the hospital’s future. As part of the process, we will consider partnering with or becoming part of a larger healthcare system that can invest in our services and our people for generations to come.

The process will likely continue through March 2025, and we will keep you updated every step of the way. In the meantime, we remain committed to providing the high-quality, compassionate care our community expects. The right care is right here, for the last 50 years and for 50 more.

Hear from President and CEO, Brian Moore and Hospital District Board Chairman, Troy Cribbins



To our Coos County community:

Thank you for giving us your time, attention, and valuable perspectives this week as we discussed our hospital’s future. As part of the Bay Area Hospital District’s monthly Board of Directors’ meeting July 9, we hosted a public session to hear from community members about potentially partnering with or becoming part of a larger health care system.

We heard from many of you and appreciate the candid feedback. Here’s what we heard expressed most consistently:

  • Our hospital has served Coos County well for many years, but community members are concerned a potential change could impact services, workforce opportunities and economic development.
  • Our folks want more information and for information to be distributed more broadly.
  • There is a desire for our Board and leadership team to consider potential partners that strongly align with our mission and values and emphasize community and patient wellbeing.
  • We understand individuals wish to establish or continue avenues for local community input and decision-making, seeking to reflect in any potential partnership some aspects of the hospital district governance we have today.
  • No matter what decision is made, do not sacrifice quality for profitability.
  • The federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for student loans is essential to our workforce, and there is a desire that any potential partnership maintain worker eligibility.

We also heard from many session participants about other concerns or challenges, for example our electronic health record system, cost saving measures, board governance and workforce issues, to name a few. These are all complicated and interwoven aspects of our hospital’s journey to a more stable future, and we are working hard to address them while keeping our community’s values and that of our hospital front and center.

The feedback gathered this week is important and valid – recommendations we will return to often as we continue our exploration process and build a framework by which any potential partner is assessed.

Let me assure you, no decisions have been made at this time.

One thing is certain: your voices are crucial in shaping the future of our hospital. We are committed to keeping the community informed and involved every step of the way. We remain dedicated to our employees and the health of the community now and well into the future. We’re here for good.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.

Please check this dedicated website for more and continually updated information at

Troy Cribbins                                                                           Brian Moore
Board Chairman                                                                      President and CEO
Bay Area Hospital District Board of Directors                         Bay Area Hospital


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Why is the hospital doing this now?

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and planning ahead is key to surviving and growing for the community you serve. Forming strategic partnerships or affiliations with larger health care organizations can offer independent community hospitals opportunities to access resources, expertise and economies of scale while preserving their local identity.

What will an affiliation or partnership look like?

It is still very early in the exploration process, and we do not yet know what this will look like or if it will happen. At this stage, we plan to evaluate a range of options, including potential partnerships, affiliations, joint ventures, long-term lease agreements or a merger. We have also reserved the right to remain an independent hospital should we find no options that best support our hospital and the needs of our community. This is a months-long process, and no decisions have been made at this time.

Who are the organizations you are approaching to discuss potential partnerships?

We understand the desire for details and will do our best along the way to share as much information as we can. However, because our process could involve a potential business transaction, other parties may request confidentiality, or the nature of the discussions may simply require it.

Who will make the final decisions about partnership opportunities?

The Bay Area Hospital District Board of Directors will have to vote on and approve any changes. However, we are fully committed to a transparent process, and understanding input from our community – clinical leaders, frontline caregivers and support teams to patients, elected officials and business owners – is also of utmost importance.

How will this impact jobs at the hospital?

We are not making any staffing changes as part of the exploration process. Our physicians, nurses, frontline caregivers and support teams are the lifeblood of Bay Area Hospital. Nothing is changing now, and any decisions impacting the future of our hospital will be to enhance and build on the strong foundation we’ve established.

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