Family Birth Center

Having a Baby at Bay Area Hospital

Pregnancy, women, and babies are our passion! From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, Bay Area Hospital’s Family Birth Center is there for you. When your healthcare provider tells us you’re expecting, you’ll be contacted by the MOMS (Management of Maternity Services) team. MOMS is a free, voluntary prenatal education program for you and your family. Registered nurses will answer your questions and provide education, reference materials, emotional support and referrals to community agencies. The same nurses you’ll see in MOMS and in Labor and Delivery offer free comprehensive childbirth education classes.

Our prenatal services include ultrasound and fetal testing, when recommended by your doctor or midwife. We encourage you to write down or state your birthing wishes, and we will try our best to accommodate. We aim to help you have the birth you desire, while keeping you and your baby safe. All nurses have had continuing education in labor support, fetal monitoring and lactation support. The labor and delivery unit includes eight suites where you are often allowed to labor, deliver, and recover in the same comfortable room.

Options to assist with pain management in labor include position changes and movement, hydrotherapy, intravenous pain medications, and epidurals. Two of our labor suites have jacuzzi bathtubs, and birthing balls are available.

After your baby is born, bonding is encouraged by keeping you and your baby together as much as possible. Breastfeeding assistance is offered and certified lactation specialists are available for consultation. Our focus is helping you have the happiest, healthiest pregnancy and birth possible. After discharge, a postpartum or home visit is also available to further assist with any additional needs that arise.

Our Women’s Health unit specializes in caring for women undergoing gynecological surgeries or assisting with gynecological medical needs. We have found that by keeping this unit adjacent to maternity services, we are better able to care for the unique needs of women. Registered nurses educated and specializing in women’s health will assist you in your recovery. Our focus is on holistic care, with the aim of providing excellent physical and emotional care. We encourage feedback from our patients because we want to provide the best care possible!

Family Birth Center Bay Area Hospital Coos Bay

MOMS Program

Management of Maternity Services

MOMS (Management of Maternity Services) is a free program serving all who plan to deliver at Bay Area Hospital. Specially trained registered nurses work with you and your family throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is home to help you feel comfortable with your maternity experience and the care and feeding of your newborn.

Our MOMS program partners an experienced nurse with your family to assist you throughout your maternity experience; assist with pre-admission registration and prenatal class registration; provide healthy pregnancy information and support; and explore your birthing options and choices with you. Throughout your pregnancy, we offer individual meetings and follow-up phone calls to connect you with community services you may need.

NOTICE: In light of recent changes with the COVID-19 pandemic, the MOMS Program has canceled all Childbirth Education classes until further notice. We hope that the following information below will provide useful resources for new and expecting mothers during this time:

MOMS also offers an after-baby follow-up visit. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breastfed infants have a weight and jaundice check within five days of birth. Those who participate in MOMS before delivery will be offered a postpartum home visit from an experienced MOMS nurse to evaluate mom’s and baby’s health. During this visit, the nurse will also assist with feeding issues and answer parents’ questions. The MOMS nurse can also offer information and referrals to services for postpartum depression, parenting programs and other community resources.

Lactation services are also provided through the MOMS program. Three internationally certified lactation consultants and experienced MOMS registered nurses help you and your baby get off to a healthy start with breastfeeding. Assistance is offered on the postpartum home visit and weekly follow-up calls. Certified lactation specialists are available for consultation during your stay at the hospital, and a consultation can be scheduled for after you get home as well.

If you have not met with a MOMS RN for your one-on-one appointment, please call 541-269-8258.
We suggest you take these classes in your third trimester, finishing at 37 weeks or before.

Family Birth Center at the Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay

Home Health

The Bay Area Hospital Home Health Agency, established in 1977, is Medicare licensed and is certified and accredited by The Joint Commission. We serve Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston, Lakeside, and Hauser.

Bay Area Hospital’s home health team manages your health in your own home, working with your physicians and our certified wound nurse to enhance wound healing. We provide skilled professional assessments to maximize your success at staying in your home, educate you and your caregivers to better understand and manage your medical condition, help prioritize what you can do to stay home, and reduce your risk of injury and hospitalization.

Your home health team may include one or more skilled professionals, such as a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, certified nursing assistant, and medical social worker.

The Bay Area Hospital home health team has received many awards and recognitions, including:

  • Being recognized in the top 25 percent of home health agencies in the nation and as a top three comprehensive data warehouse by Outcome Concept Systems. Results were based on quality of care, quality improvement, and financial performance.
  • Acumentra 2008 Quality Leader Award for achieving the highest rate for improvement of oral medications in the state of Oregon.
  • Bay Area Hospital Home Health Agency’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services performance measures are significantly better than the national norm in improvement in bathing ambulation, oral medication management, emergent care, and discharge to community.
  • Bay Area Hospital Home Health Agency’s Client Satisfaction Survey shows overall 95 percent satisfaction with our services.

You’re a good candidate for Bay Area Hospital’s Home Health Agency if:

  • Your physician has ordered home health services for skilled nursing or occupational, physical, or speech therapy.
  • You or your caregivers are able to manage your care between agency staff visits.
  • Leaving home requires taxing effort, assistance by another person or use of a wheelchair, walker or other mobility aid.
  • You have limited outings to medical and other minor appointments, such as an occasional trip to the barber for hair care.

Bay Area Hospital will bill your insurance carrier and help you understand your billing statements.

Volunteers helping patients

Palliative Care

Relief From Your Symptoms

Palliative Care provides support to help you feel better. That support comes in many forms:

  • Medication to relieve pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, or nausea
  • Emotional or spiritual support to relieve stress
  • Talking with an expert nurse, who can help you understand your illness and treatment plan

Medical treatment can be difficult when you feel bad. So Bay Area Hospital offers comprehensive support for inpatients and their families as they cope with:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Severe liver disease
  • Severe kidney disease
  • Other complex or life-threatening illnesses

Like a faithful friend, Palliative Care is with you from diagnosis throughout the course of your illness, whether your treatment is curative or life-prolonging. That’s why we sometimes call it “Pal Care.”

Palliative Care is a medical and nursing specialty that provides medical and social support to help you feel better. Palliative Care works closely with your doctors. It emphasizes managing pain and symptoms, while offering social services, counseling and spiritual support.

You or your family may request a Palliative Care consultation by calling 541-269-8538.

  • Provides relief from unpleasant symptoms such as pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety, depression, nausea, and constipation
  • Helps you and your family navigate the healthcare system and understand your illness
  • Offers guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices
  • Addresses emotional and spiritual concerns
  • Helps you clarify the goals of your treatment
  • Plans for continuity of care in the hospital
  • Assists with planning for care at home, in assisted living, or in a nursing facility
  • Helps you connect with community resources, such as home health organizations and state-supported care agencies
  • Helps you fill out advance directive and POLST (Physician’s Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment) forms
  • Allows time for discussion, values communication, choice, and the dignity of the individual
  • Emphasizes comfort and quality of life

Palliative Care is not hospice care, but Palliative Care coordinates with local hospice organizations that provide end-of-life care and bereavement support.

Your Palliative Care nurse can arrange a hospice consultation at your request.

Medical Director – Our medical director is Dallas Carter, MD. Dr. Carter is board-certified in palliative medicine and family practice.
Nurses – Our certified nurse practitioner and registered nurses meet individually with each patient. They review your medical and social history, discuss your treatment plan, listen to concerns from you and your loved ones, answer questions, and make recommendations for relieving pain and other symptoms.
To learn more: – Call 541-269-8538.
Palliative Care Bay Area Hospital Coos Bay


Having a sick or hospitalized child is scary for any parent. Bay Area Hospital’s Pediatric Department recognizes the unique needs of children and families and strives to provide the best care possible. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s care and offer sleeper chairs, bedding and showers so parents can stay at their child’s bedside. If your child is exclusively breastfeeding, a meal tray will be provided to you free of charge. Registered nurses caring for your child are PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)-certified.

Family-centered care at Bay Area Hospital

Upon arrival, your nurse will begin a family-centered care plan that includes pediatric safety precautions. Our unit is protected with an electronic security system to prevent child abduction. To make your child feel at home, our rooms include kid-friendly décor. Children’s movies and games are available.

In addition to generalized medical and surgical services, the pediatric department also has a pediatric diabetes program and a safe room for pediatric behavioral health patients until they can be transferred for treatment.

Pediatric Care

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services at Bay Area Hospital provides inpatient care for the community. Our inpatient unit is a secure 11-bed, acute care facility located inside the hospital.

Our comprehensive team consists of psychiatrists, registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers, recreational therapists, licensed professional counselors, dietitians, pharmacists, and clinical nursing assistants as well as occupational and speech therapists.

Psychiatric disorders we commonly treat include:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Other thought processes that impair function

Our inpatient unit encourages visitation within the visiting hours of 3-4 pm and 5:30-7 pm. Children under the age of 12 are permitted in the unit. Visitors are asked to leave all personal belongings outside the unit for patient, staff and visitor safety.

We work closely with community resources and agencies to assure patients have the support they need to maximize their quality of life. We provide patient and family therapy and life skills education that allow and enable the client to make positive and lasting life changes.

Our mission is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment while respecting our patients’ privacy and confidentiality; our goal is to ensure a sustainable recovery for the patients, families and loved ones. No one will be denied care due to their inability to pay. A sliding fee schedule is available upon request at our registration desks.

Please view our brochure on what to expect when a family member or friend is discharged from the hospital after receiving care for mental health here.

Click here for a list of local mental health resources and 24-hour crisis services.